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Does Your Roof Have a Leak or Multiple Leaks?…



Leaks can Damage Your Home’s Interior.

Leak Damage to your home can be expense to fix.

Protect your Largest Investment.

Protect your Home and Personal Contents.

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Roof Leaks Repaired

From $199 and up










Wharton Roofing is Houston’s #1 Choice for Leak Repair

  • We fix Roof Leaks surgically – NOT With BAND-Aids – We go to the Root of the Problem. 
  • We Guarantee the Leak to be Water-Tight for 5 Full Years.
  • We Offer 100% Refund – if you hire us in the future to install a new roof. 
  • We Offer 100% Financing for Roof Leak Repairs 

No Other Roofer Offers these Features and Benefits 

How BAD can Roofs be installed ?

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Professional Roofers

We are professional roofers in an industry that is know to be Un-Professional. We are Factory Certified by GAF. North America’s Largest Manufacturer of Roofing Materials.

Don’t Hire a Handyman or a Un-Professional Roofer


To work on Your Roof that Protects Your Most Valuable Asset. – YOUR HOME !


“Steven knew exactly where my roof was leaking and fixed it fast.”

John L.

“Our store had several leaks. I’m so happy that the leak is finally fixed.”

Gloria M.


Features of Our Roof Leak Repair Service

Compare Our Features and Benefits with those of our competition. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at our service and how we work hard to solve your roofing problems. 

  • First WE assess your roof and the cause of your roof leak.
  • WE prepare a complete and thorough report and course of action to complete your roof leak repair.
  • WE offer 100% Financing to Fit Your Budget if needed. 
  • WE Guarantee the Leak to be Water Tight for 5 Full Years.
  • WE Refund 100% of your Roof Leak Repair COST, if at a future date you hire us to install a NEW ROOF.

Benefits of our ROOF LEAK REPAIR Service

Leaks can happen at the almost anytime. Most Roofs Leak First at the Flashing or Valley areas. These are the most important areas of your roof and most overlooked by unprofessional roofers. 

  • You can STOP Worrying about the leak.
  • The Leak will stop creating more DAMAGE to your Interior.
  • The Leak is GUARANTEED for 5 Full Years not to Leak Again. 
  • You will REST ASSURED that the LEAK is REPAIRED.

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No Problem – We install all types of New Roof Systems 

Residential and Commercial 

Financing Available


Save 50% to 60% with Our Roof Coating System





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Google our competitors Roofing Company Name

and the word “Complaints”. 

See how many complaints they have and what the common complaints are. Then Google “Wharton Roofing Complaints” and see if we have any complaints. 

We are A+ Rated and Accredited with

The Houston Better Business Bureau is owned and operated by Wharton Roofing

We serve Houston to Victoria

and all surrounding areas. 


“After many roofers tried to use caulk to stop the leak, came and fix the leak for good!.”

David W.


P.S. We fix and eliminate Roof Leaks – ALL ROOF LEAKS are GUARANTEED for 5 FULL YEARS

P.S. We REFUND 100% of the Roof Leak Repair Cost – When you hire us for a NEW ROOF

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